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tron games

tron games 2014

The Home Nations Festival, part of Festival 2014.
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case study 2

case study 2

Tiny bottle makes giant price.
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case study 1

case study 1

Focussing in on science
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Scent in the city


Here at Wave we're avid blog readers and understand the power of a fabulous blog.


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Media Relations

The media continues to be a key communication channel for organisations to help them connect with those important to them.


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Social and Digital Media

Still seen as the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to the range of communications channels  available these days.


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Community Relations

Knowing who and how to communicate with the media is critical to any successful relationship. Find out what we can do for you.


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Crisis Management

It's widely accepted that the reputation you've spent years building up can be lost in a matter of minutes if something goes badly wrong.


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Public Affairs

Public policy and legislation affects all businesses. Being aware of the political process and how it will affect your business can have massive benefits.


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Event Management

It might be a small private briefing or it might be a product launch, a factory opening or a major conference.


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Communications Audit

The help of an independent and experienced eye like Wave can ensure that what you say, how you say it.


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Video Content

With digital communication and social media networks, video content has become a major consideration in all public relations and marketing activity.


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Media Training

Knowing what makes a story, how a story is developed and how the media works are key to understanding the needs of a journalist.


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